Career Centre and Employment Support Services

The University has a career centre, with a dedicated team that work to support students during their search for employment. They respond to enquiries on a variety of job-relating matters, provide guidance on CV writing, conduct mock interviews, post vacancy information, amongst others.

Career Centre

In addition to providing useful information on job hunting, including consultations, we also provide guidance on how to write cover letters and fill in application forms. Members of staff at the career centre work closely with Faculty and Administrative Members of staff of the university to provide a comprehensive employment support to students.

Employment/Job Hunting Events


Job Hunting Guidance – For Parents

Aomori Public University provides job hunting guidance to parents in order for them to understand the current status of, and trends in the labour market. This is to prevent them from inadvertently misinforming or misleading their children on career choices.

Career Development Guidance

We provide career guidance to students at the beginning of the semester on self-analysis, industry information, and job hunting strategies.


Career Development Course

As part of our employment support efforts, we run career development courses twice a year for all students. The course is aimed at studying how to make career choices, forming a view on occupation, and the practicalities of job hunting. Graduates and working members of the society are invited to share their experiences and to provide some guidance to students.

Internship Guidance

The University actively encourages students to consider internships during the course of their study. Internships are opportunities for students to apply the knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom and training sessions to real-world experience. It helps to develop professional aptitude, gain experience, build professional network, increase marketability and strengthen personal character. We provide information on various internship programmes and guidance on how to apply.

June – July

Job Hunting Guidance – First Semester (Spring)

We hold employment/job hunting start-up preparation courses, self-analysis courses, and industry research courses to provide students with the tools that they require to make a good start and to be successful in their search for employment.


Career Development Guidance

As described above in April

Career Development Course

As described above in May

October – November

Prefectural Tour of Local Businesses

The University arrange bus tours of local businesses across Aomori Prefecture. The visits are aimed at increasing students’ awareness of local businesses, understanding the nature of the industries, and challenges that they face. In 2018, a total of 11 cohorts, with a total of 162 students, visited 34 businesses in the Prefecture. Announcements for the 2019 academic year is made on campus after July.

November – February

Job Hunting Guidance – Second Semester (Autumn)

Continuing from the spring semester, we run additional courses on how to fill in job application forms, write cover letters, how to answer specific questions in an interview, and conduct mock interviews. Furthermore, training is provided on appearance and presentation of oneself for an interview. This includes the type of attire to wear, the acceptable level of makeup, jewelleries, hairstyle amongst others. Graduate students are invited to provide additional tips based on their own experiences.


Employment/Job Hunting Fair

We provide students with the opportunity to speak directly with HR representatives of various corporations. Up-to-date information is provided on specific company and the industry at large. Staff and students will use these information to undertake more detailed analysis of the labour market and to make informed decision on employment and career paths.

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