Teacher Training Course

Teacher Training Course

Teacher training courses were available at the University since 2009, and delivered by the Department of Management, and the Department of Economics. The course was founded due to the demand for qualified teachers by the local and regional High Schools. Upon successful completion, Commercial Type 1 Licence for High School, and Civil Type 1 Licence for High School may be awarded to students in the Department of Management, and Department of Economics respectively. In addition, advanced Commercial and Civil Type 1 Licences for High School can be obtained on our Master’s Programme at the Graduate School.

Philosophy of the Department of Management

In the increasingly complex and diverse society, our goal is to train young teachers in the skills that they require to nurture, and to instil knowledge in their own students wherever they may be.

Philosophy of the Department of Economics

We aim to produce young teachers with the expertise in their respective discipline to compete on a global stage.

Curriculum: Teacher Training Course

For Teaching Profession

The required subjects are: Introduction to Teaching Profession, Educational Principles, Educational Psychology, Educational Administration Theory, Subject Education Law (Commercial and Civil), Educational Methodology, Theory and Methods of Student Guidance, and Teaching Practice.

Courses for Subject Teachers

Most consist of both compulsory and/or elective subjects as detailed in the graduation requirements of the relevant department.

Mandatory Subjects as stipulated in Article 66: 6 of the Teacher’s Licence Act

These are Foreign Language, Physical Education, 亚博足彩 and Data Processing, and the Constitution.