Three Policies

Diploma Policy

  1. To systematically acquire knowledge in the fields of management and economics; to understand the intricacies and complexities of the modern society from multiple perspectives. (DP1)
  2. To gain in-depth understanding and expertise of the mechanisms that underpins how society is organised, operates and functions, whilst also taking into account the role individual or collective identity, culture, and the natural environment plays in such an integrated system. (DP2)
  3. To acquire the skills needed to lead a successful life. These include information literacy, communication skills, self-awareness and discipline, and cooperation, in order to become active citizens of the community. (DP3)
  4. To use acquired knowledge and skills to solve own problems and societal problems whilst remaining true to the foundation of that knowledge; to use the knowledge and skills as the basis for lifelong learning. (DP4)

Please refer to the “curriculum” section for course schedule that corresponds to the Diploma Policy (DP1 – DP4) above.

Education (Curriculum) Policy

  1. To refrain from overloading learners with information
  2. To thoroughly teach what must be taught
  3. To boost the intellectual ability of our students by teaching them to cultivate the habit of asking “why”, to develop critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills 

Admission Policy

  1. Aomori Public University accepts students that meet our education philosophy and objectives which is to “cultivating able-professionals with expertise in management and economics”
  2. The University seek individuals with curious minds and a strong desire to learn so that they may be able to withstand the rigours of study and training exercises that they will undertake during their study
  3. All applicants are required to sit a countrywide university entrance examination (a standardised test) and submit a report detailing their respective grades
  4. Applicants that have otherwise been recommended by recognised institutions may be accepted based on GPA data and its corresponding course entry requirement
  5. Students wishing to transfer to Aomori Public University must first successfully sit the University’s entrance examination prior to admission
  6. Individuals such as returnees from overseas, adults, and international students may be admitted after successfully sitting the University’s entrance examination.