Grade Evaluation and Graduation Requirement

Grade Evaluation

1.Course Grade Evaluation

Students are evaluated using a six (6) tier grade scale, from A – F. Those that obtain grades A – D are considered to have passed the course and awarded the corresponding credit(s) for the subject. Grade F is considered a fail and therefore no credit may be awarded. Each grade, A – F, is associated with a grade point for GPA calculation. Please refer to the syllabus for more details on specific evaluation methods for each subject.

2.Grade Point

The numerical equivalent of each grade (A – F), and its corresponding GPA point as calculated is shown in the table below.

3.GPA (Grade Point System)

GPA is the average value of grade points per unit course registered during the course of a semester. It is calculated using the formula given below:

Total of “Acquired grade points” of all subjects: A
Total number of credits for all courses registered: B
GPA = A ÷ B
Here, the “Acquired grade points” is (number of credits of the subject) x (grade points obtained in the subject).

The cumulative GPA for graduation requirements is calculated as follows:

Total of “Acquired grade points” of all subjects: A
Total number of credits for all courses registered: B
Cumulative GPA = [Sum of [A for each semester]] ÷ [Sum of [B for each semester]

Please note the following:

During GPA calculation,

  1. Values are rounded off to three decimal places.
  2. In the calculation of the cumulative GPA, only the most recent credits and/or points received for any registered course(s) are used. That is, any credits/points earned previously on the course will be discarded.
  3. Credits earned from graduate courses, and at other institutions, internships, short-term and long-term study abroad programmes are not included in the GPA calculation.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Aomori Public University, students must complete the prescribed study period, and must have registered for all mandatory courses. They must also have obtained the minimum stipulated credits for each subject during the course of their study. Note that a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 is required for graduation without which a student may not graduate.

Credits Earned at Other Universities

Credits earned at other institutions before enrolment at the University, or whilst studying at the University, such as credit transfer with another institution or study abroad, are recognised and may be included in the University’s credit award system up to a maximum of 60 credits. However, these units are not included in the calculation of GPA (formula).

Inter-departmental Transfer

In the case of a transfer between departments within the University, credits acquired prior to the transfer will be included in the number of credits required for graduation and GPA in accordance with the university’s “Transfer” regulations.

Credit Requirements for Graduation (Applicable from 2015 Academic Year)